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There is a need for returners to the teaching role to be up to date with current educational technologies and techniques.  Interactive white boards are now common as is a range of interactive software. Additionally learner tracking monitoring and reporting is usually now an on line process, maintained via laptops or tablets. This can be an area which returning staff find intimidating. Obviously some of this will involve local systems but with regard to the broad sweep of educational digital technology see


Range of learners

FE is now 14-114 – well, sort of…and needs to respond to all prior levels of achievement and ability.


Teaching Qualifications

After a period of regulation of teaching qualifications, the law now makes no stipulation as to what qualifications you have to hold to be a teacher in FE, although employers are still likely to have reasonable expectations with regard to teacher qualification, experience and attributes. The full teaching qualification for FE is currently the Diploma in Education and Training [or DET for short, sometimes also known as a PGCE or Cert Ed]. Those with school teacher qualifications (QTS) are also regarded as a fully qualified for the sector. Those in possession of full teacher qualifications achieved previously, regardless of when achieved, are still regarded as fully qualified.  For further information about qualifications you can check with the FE Advice service [0800 303 1877 or]


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Range of learners

Teaching qualifications

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