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Getting some experience…

You might want to get a bit of experience under your belt before trying to get a job: get back into the swing of things first. One of the ways to do this can be via a spot of volunteering.


You could contact the Head of Department of your subject at your local colleges and ask if you can do some shadowing or voluntary teaching to update your classroom experience. You can find an A-Z listing of FE Colleges on the Association of Colleges website. It can be useful to have the name of the person that you need to talk to rather than speaking to HR.


Similarly, your local authority may run classes in your subject area through their adult and community education service.


The local library may have a list of local provision (community and voluntary sector).


Prison education may offer relevant opportunities in your area and, although security clearance for volunteers can take time, it might be something to investigate. This provision is now managed by Prison Governors and therefore each prison will have some local arrangement for the delivery of their training. You are advised to contact Prisons directly if teaching in a prison interests you.


Teaching agencies are used by some employers often to fill short term or part time appointments. This may be a useful way of facilitating a return to teaching.  It’s important to be aware that certain entitlements, such as a pension and sick leave which are provided to those employed directly by a course provider are often not available to agency staff. Agency daily rates may also be lower than those offered to staff employed directly by the employer.


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