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Being away from an area of work means returning can be intimidating. Almost all areas of employment these days have a dramatic pace of change and as FE has always been a place of innovation and development, diving back into this pool after a break can be intimidating. This set of pages is intended to provide some context and general information about recent changes to the general environment and the teacher/learner interface to help reacquaint you with the FE sphere. As I don’t want to make it too overwhelming, it provides pointers to where you can find out more, although the bottom line is that there is no substitute for having a go. Good luck! And you can always call us for a chat or drop an email...


What is the Further Education and Training sector these days?

Further education includes:

  • General FE colleges (GFEs);
  • specialist colleges (for example land based or residential special educational needs);
  • Independent Training Providers (ITPs) some of whom are part of the charitable or “Third” sector; 
  • Work Based Learning (WBL);
  • Adult and Community Learning (ACL); and
  • education and training in the justice sector [prisons and Young Offender Institutes] for offenders and young offenders.


Sixth form colleges are not currently regarded as part of the FE sector, rather are seen as part of the schools sector.

The following is a list of topics we have compiled some notes on, each linking to another page

Information for Returners

Back to FE; back to the future!

What is the Further Education and Training sector these days?

Recent Changes

Prevent and Safeguarding

Osted inspection


Range of learners

Teaching qualifications

Getting some experience

The Education and Training Foundation

The Society for Education and Training

Subject knowledge

Terms and Conditions