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This collection of pages is intended to give a short briefing for anyone who was a teacher in the FE sector and for whatever reasons left and is now interested in returning to teaching in FE. We have often had enquiries from people in this position and have developed this set of pages on the basis of the types of questions asked. We make no claim that it is comprehensive but only hope that it may allay one or two anxieties and/or provide a means to getting further information. However none of this is any preclusion to your ringing or emailing us with any further questions.

The following is a list of topics we have compiled some notes on, each linking to another page

Back to FE; back to the future!

What is the Further Education and Training sector these days?

Recent Changes

Prevent and Safeguarding

Osted inspection


Range of learners

Teaching qualifications

Getting some experience

The Education and Training Foundation

The Society for Education and Training

Subject knowledge

Terms and Conditions