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There are no two ways about it: this bit can be confusing.  There is a suite of teaching qualifications approved for the sector and offered by Universities, Colleges and other providers but they have various names.  There are also in circulation qualifications from previous approved series.  We try to make sense of it in the following.

Current qualification framework

Each of the above links to a page about the individual qualification

The full teaching qualification for the sector is the level 5 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) but if this is taken at a university (or even some FE colleges) it may be called a PGCE or a Cert Ed.  There may also be the designation PCET (standing for Post Compulsory Education and Training) to distinguish it from a schools’ PGCE, which this qualification is not: FE teaching qualifications alone do not qualify you to teach in a school. If your aim is to teach in a school rather than in FE, then your best source of information is the Get into Teaching website.

You may also come across qualifications with names such as DTLLS, CTLLS, PTLLS or 7407 or stage 3, amongst others.  The qualifications in the sector have gone through various periods of reform and these are the earlier versions, which are generally not available now but still have currency.

If you want to explore the routes to get into Further Education teaching visit the Teach in Further Education website.