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These integrated, specialist teaching qualifications have been designed for individuals who wish to specialise in teaching English (literacy and/or ESOL), mathematics (numeracy) or teaching disabled learners.
Each qualification is similar to the equivalent Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training including a specialist pathway but the entire qualification is in the context of one of the specialist areas of teaching English (literacy and/or ESOL), mathematics (numeracy), or teaching disabled learners.
To be awarded an integrated specialist Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training, a total of 120 credits must be achieved and there is a requirement for a minimum of 100 hours of practice, all of which must be in the chosen specialist area.

These qualifications are suitable for individuals who:
• want the opportunity to explore underpinning theories and frameworks and the latest research into effective teaching and learning in their chosen specialist area
• are currently teaching and want to have their experience and practice accredited
• are not currently teaching but can meet the minimum teaching practice requirement of 100 hours
• are able to undertake a large qualification, lasting one to two years
• want a qualification recognised as equivalent to the Certificate of Education qualifications in the FHEQ
• want a qualification which has the same level of demand as a degree course
• are willing to undertake an initial assessment of their skills in English, mathematics and ICT, record their development needs and follow an action plan to address them where necessary
• can evidence Level 3 skills in English or mathematics if they are taking an integrated specialist qualification in teaching English (literacy and/or ESOL) or mathematics (numeracy).


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