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I want to be a teacher in FE & Skills

Teaching in the sector broadly falls into one of three areas: 

  • Vocational training
  • Academic teaching
  • Basic Skills

There are different expectations on teachers for each of these areas. 

As a vocational teacher [or trainer], you are expected to be a ‘dual professional’.  This means you are both an expert in your own professional area [eg Plumbing or Hairdressing] and an expert teacher.  You would therefore be expected to hold substantial qualifications and/or experience in your particular area and have or be willing to gain a teaching qualification.

As an academic teacher you would likewise be expected to have a qualification in the subject you teach [usually a degree] and a teaching qualification or willingness to get one.

As a basic skills teacher you would usually be expected to have some particular experience with and/or qualifications in dealing with the specific group you intend to teach, be it numeracy, literacy, ESOL or Special Needs [SEN], alongside a teaching qualification or willingness to get one.  A set of qualifications particularly about teaching these student groups have been developed - the specialist diplomas [for more information, click on the link below]

The following links will take you to pages giving further information of relevance. 

You may also wish to download our general information sheet 001, Working in the FE & Skills sector, which covers much of what someone new to the sector may wish to know.  You can download it here  Information sheet 001 branded May 2017.pdf

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