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Financial Incentives

Currently the only incentive scheme available is the FE Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Bursary which relates solely to teachers of maths and English. This page provides an overview and links to the guidance and application forms for both the Bursary and the Subject Knowledge Enahncement scheme. Please note the values for 17/18 have changed: there is no bursary for trainees holding a 3rd in maths and the bursary for those with a 2:1 in English is now £9,000 [see Guidance below]. Any questions contact us - 0300 303 1877 or email

FE Initial Teacher Training (ITT) Bursaries

This scheme is available to those on FE ITE courses (subject to criteria being met), and is administered by NCTL on behalf of DfE. It covers teachers of maths and English, all applicants must be graduates, and the bursary value is related to the class of their degree.  Trainees make their application via you and you send the forms onto NCTL, who send the money to you for dispersal to trainees.  The decision as to whether the programme trainees will follow adequately prepares them for teaching in their areas to cover GCSE and up to level 3 is yours to make: DfE does not anticipate questioning the decisions made by providers in this regard. Please note that there is a finite budget for bursaries which will be allocated on a maths first, then English basis, so there are no guarantees that English trainees will be successful.  The 1516 explanatory note from BIS is available here: File BIS statement re Bursary allocation 1516.docx.

The 17/18 Guidance and application form are available here.

Initial information about the 17/18 Bursary was issued by DfE and is available here PDF iconFE ITT Bursaries AY2017.18 - note to providers.pdf

Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE)

Subject knowledge enhancement [SKE] is intended to help providers recruit the best people on to ITT programmes. If you see someone at interview that has the right skills and aptitude to be a good maths teacher, but has not had the opportunity to develop their subject knowledge then you can discuss with them the possibility of completing a SKE.

You should agree with them the content and duration of the SKE, dependent upon how much they need to learn in order to meet the requirements for their ITT.

SKE is directly funded by DfE. Payments are made by NCTL on behalf of DfE.

The funding levels depend upon the length of the programme, they are set out in terms of weeks. The funding levels are:


Programme length in Weeks

Maximum Funding

Maximum bursary (£200 a week)

Up to 8 weeks



9 to 12 weeks



13 to 16 weeks



17 to 20 weeks




The funding is only available to ITT providers who are either currently in receipt of HEFCE funding or are registered with the SFA on the Register of Training Organisations. It is paid directly to the ITT provider once the need for SKE is identified, and assurances about expenditure will be sought. You may use it to pay programme costs themselves and pass the bursary element to the trainee. The Guidance and application form are available here.