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STOP PRESS The position re Covid for the 21/22 academic year is still developing. This means we are continuing with the existing mitigations until at least 31 December, at which point we'll do a sense check and provide an update for early Jan 22. We regret that we cannot issue definitive guidance for the academic year but providers - both FE & ITE - are still as it were finding their feet and we are getting a variety of report about the sector. Should a settled picture emerge for next calendar year, this will be reflected in an update which will be available on this page.

It should be emphasised that the guidance is to be applied only if essential: the specified qualifications in their current agreed form represent what is appropriate for FE teacher training and should only be adapted as indicated in the guidance where there is no other option for completion: in summary, things should be as normal as possible. The October 2021 guidance is available here.

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The original Guidance documents for the suite of Education and Training qualifications, the Diploma, the Certificate and the Award were issued by LSIS in 2013. These replaced the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualifications (DTLLS, CTLLS and PTLLS), and comprised 5 documents. A need to refresh these documents, taking into account recent changes in context, and a desire to have a single point of reference led to the Foundation working with key stakeholders to prepare a new version of the Guidance. Also implementation notes and key changes can be downloaded here - Implementation notes re ITE qualifications (March 17 update).pdf.

The review of the ITE qualifications involving both Awarding Bodies and HEIs. was mindful of the upcoming revisions of the FE ITE suite consequent upon DfE level 4/5 review and forthcoming revised FE teacher apprenticeship standards. Hence no major revision to the qualifications has been proposed although updated indicative guidance has been issued, available here. Additionally ETF has updated the 2013 Awarding Organisation Guidance, available here. For any queries please email