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The current position re Covid 19 has implications for the delivery of FE ITE qualifications. DfE have issued a statement relating to FE ITE programmes following their comments on QTS programmes, downloadable here, and ETF have issued a clarificatory note covering the specific requirements of the Diploma in Education and Training Programme re teaching hours and observations, downloadable here. ETF have now issued some additional guidance also regarding the Certificate and Award in Education and Training, downloadable here. Please address any queries to


The original Guidance documents for the suite of Education and Training qualifications, the Diploma, the Certificate and the Award were issued by LSIS in 2013. These replaced the Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector qualifications (DTLLS, CTLLS and PTLLS), and comprised 5 documents. A need to refresh these documents, taking into account recent changes in context, and a desire to have a single point of reference led to the Foundation working with key stakeholders to prepare a new version of the Guidance. Also implementation notes and key changes can be downloaded here - Implementation notes re ITE qualifications (March 17 update).pdf.

Mindful of the expiry date of the qualifications as July 2018, the Foundation has consulted with Awarding Bodies and ITE providers about the need for revision and in the absence of much negative feedback, the Foundation has passed a letter to the Federation of Awarding Bodies for distribution to members to advise them to extend their ITE qualifications until July 2020. The process of review leading up to 2020 is now planned to recommence in January 2019; further details to follow. The letter to ABs is available here.