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Assessor and Quality Assurance qualifications

The New Guidance document is available here  Assessment and Quality Assurance Qualifications Guidance Nov 2016.pdf

The original guidance for this qualification suite was issued by LLUK to be revised by LSIS in 2013. The Foundation in association with City and Guilds [the owners of the relevant units] has refreshed the guidance to incorporate some minor updating and to allow for withdrawal of the QCF. Additionally as the expiry of these qualifications was April 2013 [and some shared units had already expired with Ofqual], the Foundation and City and Guilds wrote to Awarding Bodies via FAB to encourage extension of these qualifications until July 2018, by which time it was planned to be able to establish a means to revise or extend yet further this suite. Implementation advice and a guide to key changes is available here  Implementation notes re TAQA qualifications.pdf <br>

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